British Candy Review, The First: Flying Saucers, Jelly Babies, and Jelly Teeth and Lips

by Sadie


Hi! This is Sadie and I am trying some British candy. A special thanks to Dee Ford for sending them for me and family.

First let me try a Flying Saucer: The outside is British paper that is partly edible. So the outside poowie! Not the best. But the inside is sweet, bitter powder, and the powder is… sherbet? Well, OK…

Next up are Jelly Babies, and they are… good. The outside is powdered up and looks hard, but they are super-chewy, and the inside is filled with…jelly! So in other words, YUM! 

Last, but not least: Jelly Teeth and Lips. And they taste good, although the flavor is hard to taste, it is good. 

Before I go, I want you to know I will be doing more of these. So bye!