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British Candy Review, The First: Flying Saucers, Jelly Babies, and Jelly Teeth and Lips


Hi! This is Sadie and I am trying some British candy. A special thanks to Dee Ford for sending them for me and family.

First let me try a Flying Saucer: The outside is British paper that is partly edible. So the outside poowie! Not the best. But the inside is sweet, bitter powder, and the powder is… sherbet? Well, OK…

Next up are Jelly Babies, and they are… good. The outside is powdered up and looks hard, but they are super-chewy, and the inside is filled with…jelly! So in other words, YUM! 

Last, but not least: Jelly Teeth and Lips. And they taste good, although the flavor is hard to taste, it is good. 

Before I go, I want you to know I will be doing more of these. So bye! 



[Book Review] A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the First: The Bad Beginning

A-SERIES-OF-UNFORTUNATE-EVENTSThis book is extremely unpleasant and it tells a story of 3 unlucky kids. Violet is the oldest and she likes to skip smooth stuff and is 14. She thinks hard and is a lady of sorts. And she… um, oh, next is Klaus. He wore glasses so he looked intelligent and he was intelligent. He liked to keep his head in the book and he helped…um, look at Sunny. This infant was the size of a boot but had sharp teeth and was dangled from a… um, look at the time, got to go. But let me say this book has a *>:) devil man. A bad… help the book is eating me!!! Help read it and free me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When will it be here!?! I don’t know about you, but there are flowers waiting to bloom, honey waiting to be made. And what about the bunnies and the butterflies? When will they come?

Boy, on the first day of spring, midnight to night fall, I will celebrate the occasion. Are you with me!?!

sadie drop poem small 2.7.2013

This is a new poem. I was inspired by a rainy day. Get the idea? Drop Will I drop a rain drop or a rain drop drop me? Drop me out of my happyness The rest I can’t say.

The Overall Co.


“Ahh, this is the life…”

The Overall Co. is where I got a popsicle dipped in chocolate. So it is a great place to get a sweet treat. Also, there are tons of chairs (tons as in a lot, not as if when you are weighing something), so it is a great place to hang out. So come! It makes the best overalls. 

Trick or Treat is over


Black Widow spider on the loose! First victim: Baby Tiger. Will your cub be next?

So it has passed. I got a lot of candy but it was on Sanders Street and there was one home that was spooky. It had stones and eyeballs that lit up and people standing there with zombie costumes. And a girl named Jill was nice.



So this is Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. But he keeps trying to kick it because he trusts Lucy every time.

Woodstock is a good way if you want Snoopy to have a fun day. And the way the grownups sound is like this: “Muncswomwo.”

So it is OK. NO… It is good.

Grannies Rule

I like my Granny, you know why? She is nice MOST of the time. Anyway, she is OK, but sometimes she is not cool. Wait a minute—stop it, Granny! Sorry about that—so where were we? Oh yes… so never say “OK” to her or, well….. you find out.

Trick or Treat

Halloween is fun for kids but it is scary for grownups to dress up, so that is busted. And you can’t eat more then two treats on the eve of Halloween! So that is busted, too.

And get this—my baby sister is in her daily dress, and she looks scary…”Busted” with an uppercase B. So good luck, Einstein!

Soccer Scores

Scoring in soccer is easy for 9th graders but it is hard to get a score if you are 7 years old because kids try to be a star in soccer. That is OK, but SOME people steal the ball from their OWN teammates, and I’m not just talking about in the games—they do that in the soccer practices. How do I know this stuff you ask? I’m a kid!